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How to play

1. Choose a race with pre-determined time duration and bet size. Then, before the race starts, you are to compose the portfolio of major cryptocurrencies. Once you submit your portfolio and the race starts, you can't amend your portfolio.

2. Once the race starts, the game tracks the exchange rates of all coins and displays the total averaged ROI of each racer's portfolio. Racer whose portfolio yields the highest ROI by the end of the race, wins the game. Other price-winning place also receive respective portion of the prize pool.

3. Depending on how close you are to the top of the winners table, you receive the prize in TRX. 20% of participants receive the prize and thus, at least, cover their bet


guaranteed prize pool

TRX --$100 000

June 13th marks the start of the 2-day-long Free-roll tournament with 1 mln TRX (~$25k) prize pool and free participation for everybody. Portfolios will be available for participants to compose before the start 5 days prior to the kick-off of the race. All participants of the Free-roll tournament will be granted free Premium membership on the platform which allows its holders to share their referral link to other for additional revenue.

Following the Free-roll tournament, the $100k guaranteed Grand tournament will begin with $50 buy-in.

All To The Moon tournaments will have similar prize pool payout structure with ~20% of participants getting the prize spots.

Payout structure

  • 15.2
  • 7.6
  • 5
  • 3.8
  • 3
  • 2.5
  • 2.2
  • 1.9
  • 1.7
  • 0.003
*Exampled by a tournament with 2,000 racers. Percentage is subject to change depending on the total number of racers.

Be Unique

Apart from mere participation in races and tournaments, To The Moon players also have the possibility to buy slick-designed and/or personally customized ships. Those ships will allow racers to receive additional coins in sponsored airdrops or participate in sponsored tournaments.



So, you know the coins to grow in the next 5 minutes?

Fly them to the moon by collecting together in your portfolio and launch rocket right into space! But, hey, watch for bonuses on the way!

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frequently asked questions

So, who wins the race? What’s the math?

Let’s say Player A goes 100% for Bitcoin, and Payer B goes 50% for Ethereum and 50% for TRON. One-day market performance is the following: Bitcoin goes up 5%, Ethereum goes down 5%, TRON goes up 20%. Hence, the winner is player B, since his portfolio increased 7.5%, while Player A’s portfolio increased 5%.

Why would I play To The Moon to win money with crypto, if I can simply trade that very crypto?

First of all, in To The Moon you’re playing against other people rather than against the market, or, more accurately, against yourself. Yes, admit it: in trading you’re playing against your own thoughts, analysis and - the most dangerous - mood. When you’re losing in trading, you’re losing money because you’ve been wrong in your forecast. In To The Moon, you might have been just as wrong, but your opponent could have been wronger, which ultimately allows you to win money. Secondly, we all have lived through the bearish 2018 and we all know what it’s like to think “this coin cannot drop further, this is certainly the time to buy at the dip” and be amazed at how low and endlessly the rate can drop. With To The Moon, your portfolio might drops double-digits during your race, but your opponent’s can dip even lower, so you win even with overall negative ROI. You might say that one could simply short the market at some leverage option trading platform, but good luck with not getting your position liquidated amidst some artificial pump.

How do I deposit and withdraw funds to To The Moon?

Deposits are available in BTC, ETH, EOS and TRX. If you choose the former three ones, your deposit will automatically be exchanged for TRX within the game. The current exchange rate is always displayed in the deposits section. The in-game bets and withdrawal of funds are executed only in TRX, as the races themselves take place on TRON blockchain.

What types of tournaments are available in To The Moon?

1) Free-roll tournaments with free participation and the prize pool provided either by To The Moon or sponsors. 2) Tournaments with guaranteed prize pool or prize pool bonus where the prize pool is declared in advance, players pay equal participation fee but in case the declared prize pool cap is not reached, To The Moon replenishes it. 3)Ordinary tournaments similar to those organized in online poker platforms where players simply place their bets thus comprising total prize pool. To The Moon withholds 10% of the total prize pool.

Can I earn in your referral system?

We offer one of the most generous referral programs in the gaming market, which includes 3 levels of income through referral links for friends and friends of friends who play single races and tournaments. Send your referral link to participate in tournaments and become a member of the following remuneration program: 1 Level - 25%; 2 Lever - 10%; 3 Level - 5%

What types of PvP races are available in To The Moon?

Up to 6 players can participate in one race. In 2-,3-,4-ship races there is one winner. In 5-,6-ship races there are two winning places that share the prize pool at 70-30 ratio.

Where the coins’ exchange rate are taken from?

Exchange rates are updated each couple of seconds. We use Binance API with Huobi’s as an alternative.

How do I make sure the race is fair?

From the very beginning of the race, all your opponents’ portfolios are displayed to each player, so you are able to re-check the accuracy of their portfolios’ averaged ROI calculation.

Is there mobile version of the game?

The mobile version is set to launch in Q4, 2019

Will I be able to earn with in-game assets?

Yes, in the nearest future players will be able to create their own customized ships and re-sell them to others.

Will there be any other games on To The Moon platform?

Yes, in future, we will publish more games on the platform, including the mini-games players can play within one race.